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Who wouldn’t love a juicy, sweet and tangy attractive looking fruit? A powerful fruit that fortifies your health. The juicy part helps your stomach to feel full and keeps you from overeating making it a perfect snack for being healthy and at the same time keeping a check on your diet eliminating unwanted stuff getting to your stomach. Being rich in phytochemical called phenols that act as an anti-oxidant which helps you fight obesity related diabetes. Vitamin A and C make me a great natural moisturizer resulting in a healthy glowing skin. I also help regenerate skin tissues. And guys if you want your muscular strength and heartbeat to be going good and strong then don’t forget me because I am packed with potassium. It’s been seen that the consumption helps in the removal of worms from the intestinal tract. Being rich in Vitamin A I may help prevent cancer in organs and glands with epithelial tissue. Filled with Beta Carotene which helps to improve blood flow to the entire body, including the eyes.