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You cannot eat a cluster at once, but it is very easy if you eat them one by one. Yes, you guessed it right it’s me Grapes. Popularly known as “Angoor” in Hindi I am also known as “The Queen of Fruits”. I am categorised into 3 variants based on colour – Red, Green and Black. With my attractive look because of the cluster shape I also come with many health benefits. I boost immune system, prevent fatigue, also a great help for those suffering from heady migraines. The ripe juice is an important home remedy to cure it if taken early in the morning without mixing additional water to it. According to a US research the leukaemia cells(cancer causing agent) were killed off ,while the healthy cells were unharmed which means there are potentially beneficial chemicals. Being high in anti – inflammatory agents I help relief from allergies. I also take care of the bone health by improving on bone calcium retention and reduce osteoporosis risk. The other host of benefits also include good eye health (protecting the retina from deterioration), kidney health (being a natural diuretic, eliminating toxic waste more efficiently).Grapes are also one of the best ways to help detox and clear lungs of impurities. Also keeping your heart healthy thanks to the phytochemical which activate a process in our genes to help reduce damage to heart muscles. For those looking for a slimmer waistline I am a great support to you along with other ingredients as I am high in water content which helps you to feel full avoiding unnecessary calories. So whether you like red, green or black or all of them make sure I am at your home. So this grapy grapes is good to grab for your health. You can prepare a juice or a salad or even a jam or a mocktail. See you soon.

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