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Hello everyone this is your on the shelf everyday fruit friend Banana. I am sure most of you see me on your dining table or kitchen shelf with a bunch of my other friends but are you guys aware of the host of benefits I come with? So guys lets share some things that will make you add me to your diet routine if you still haven’t. To start with, I help you with good bowel movement thanks to the fibre content in me, so you can say hello to “good” mornings. I will definitely be a helping hand to boost energy for sports people or even for those hitting the gym for a workout as the carbohydrate present in me will provide necessary energy to replace the muscle glycogen (muscle sugar) used. Being high in potassium helps body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain, which in turn helps to maintain water balance and regular heartbeat. Do you know that I can actually be your good friend when you feel low? Yes, trust me, because of the mood regulating substance present in me called “tryptophan” which is converted to serotonin in the brain helps you to elevate your mood and make you feel happy!! Guys I also am useful for anaemic too as I am rich in Iron content which helps to stimulate production of haemoglobin in the blood. Students don’t forget to add me in your daliy diet as I am potassium packed fruit which helps in learning too. Important Vitamin B6 regulate blood glucose levels which helps in times of stress and it suppress cranky mood. For those who want to kick that cigarette out of your life I am there for you since the Vitamin and other minerals in me lessens the nicotine withdrawal symptoms for you guys making your task little bit easier. There are multiple ways of consuming me. You can add me to your salad or fruit salad, cakes, milkshakes, smoothies or even your dessert. The only aim is to enjoy the beautiful taste and get maximum health benefits.

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